Report of Building Committee

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3/2/12 – a day we never thought would happen.

3/11/12 – MSU-West Liberty established as temporary home for West Liberty United Methodist Church. Salvage and cleanup of property begins.

11/28/12 – First meeting of Building Committee. George Weddington, Jerry Lindon, Mark Walter, Lori Keeton, Shannon Elam, Pauletta Wells, Helen Pennington, Jane Murray. Howard Elam and Jamie Brunk, ex-officio members.

Began the search for architects. Developed survey questions for congregation to note their wants and needs for the new facility.

12/21/12 – Road Trip to visit Grace UMC, Martin/Maytown.

1/29/13 – Bishop Lindsay Davis offered stained glass from Covington First UMC Downtown that has been sold to Gateway Community College.

Building Committee interviewed 4 architects. Compiled survey answers.

2/11/13 – Hired Brian Early of Johnson Early Architects to design our new church.

4/16/13 – Received 1st proposed drawings. Reviewed and returned for revision.

5/3/13 – Received 2nd proposed drawings. Reviewed and returned with a few revisions.

5/24/13- Architect here to meet with congregation at Soup/Sandwich Supper. 3-D Drawings presented and few revisions suggested.

6/13/13- Lynchburg Art Glass proposal to visit and see their glassworks.

6/19/13- Core drilling for foundation information done on site.

7/15/13- Construction drawings begun.

7/24/13 – Site visit to Lynchburg Art Glass by Jane and Pauletta. Replication of our old windows determined to be possible. Decided to go with new stained glass window units.

8/1/13 -Final drawings received and approved by committee.

8/4/13 – Charge Conference with Rev. Paul Fryman, district Superintendent was held. Unanimous vote of Congregation to accept proposal from architect and financial plan for construction.

8/8/13 – District Building and Grounds Committee meeting in Prestonsburg for presentation of WLUMC Building and Financing plan. Unanimous vote to approve.

9/13/13 – Site Plan received showing placement of building on property.

9/27/13- “COMING SOON” Construction Sign placed on property.

10/9/13 – Building Documents, Blueprints and Technical Specifications sent to KY Department of Building, Housing and Construction. Plans distributed to Frederick and May Construction and Standafer Construction. Plans also available on Builders Exchange of Kentucky for other contractors / subcontractors to access.

11/19/2013 – Bids are to be received at 2pm at MSU-West Liberty, temporary home of West Liberty United Methodist Church.

Committee will meet and either accept or reject bids as determined by review with architect and committee. Review of bidder’s insurance certificate, and bond to be determined. If the bid is accepted, the awarded company will have 10 days to begin construction. The contract states that substantial completion will be done in 300 days.